Team management enables collaboration with other users. You can create a team and invite people to join by using their email addresses. Team members will have access to databases created under the team based on their assigned roles.

Create Team

You can create a team using the menu Account > Teams

A user can create up to 5 teams. You can be part of even more teams but only be the owner of 5 teams. If you need to own more teams please email us at

You can still continue using your personal account or switch to a team.

The databases in your personal account are not shared with anyone. If you want your database to be accessible by other users, you need to create it under a team.

Switch Team

You need to switch to the team to create databases shared with other team members. You can switch to the team via the switch button in the team table. Or you can click your profile pic in the top right and switch to any team listed there.

Add/Remove Team Member

After switching to a team, if you are the Owner or an Admin of the team, you can add team members by navigating to Account > Teams. Simply enter their email addresses.It’s not an issue if the email addresses are not yet registered with Upstash. Once the user registers with that email, they will gain access to the team. We do not send invitations; when you add a member, they become a member directly. You can also remove members from the same page.

Only Admins or the Owner can add/remove users.


While adding a team member, you will need to select a role. Here are the access rights associated with each role:

  • Admin: This role has full access, including the ability to add and remove members, manage databases, and payment methods.

  • Dev: This role can create, manage, and delete databases but cannot manage users or payment methods.

  • Finance: This role is limited to managing payment methods and cannot manage databases or users.

  • Owner: The Owner role has all the access rights of an Admin and, in addition to having the ability to delete the team. This role is automatically assigned to the user who created the team, and you cannot assign it to other members.

If you want to change a user’s role, you will need to delete and re-add them with the desired access rights.

Delete Team

Only the original creator (owner) can delete a team. Also the team should not have any active databases, namely all databases under the team should be deleted first. To delete your team, first you need to switch your personal account then you can delete your team in the team list under Account > Teams.