Upstash is a modern serverless data platform. But what do we mean by serverless?

No Server Management

In a serverless setup, developers don’t need to worry about configuring or managing servers. We take care of server provisioning, scaling, and maintenance.

Automatic Scaling

As traffic or demand increases, Upstash automatically scales the required resources to handle the load. This means applications can handle sudden spikes in traffic without manual intervention.

Granular Billing

We charge based on the actual usage of resources rather than pre-allocated capacity. This can lead to more cost-effective solutions, as users only pay for what they consume. Read more

Stateless Functions

In serverless architectures, functions are typically stateless. However, the traditional approach involves establishing long-lived connections to databases, which can lead to issues in serverless environments if connections aren’t properly managed after use. Additionally, there are scenarios where TCP connections may not be feasible. Upstash addresses this issue by offering access via HTTP, a universally available protocol across all platforms.

Rapid Deployment

Fast iteration is the key to success in today’s competitive environment. You can create a new Upstash database in seconds, with minimal required configuration.