Traditionally, cloud services required users to predict their resource needs and provision servers or instances based on those predictions. This often led to over-provisioning to handle potential peak loads, resulting in paying for unused resources during periods of low demand.

By scaling to zero, our pricing model aligns more closely with actual usage.

Pay for usage

You’re only charged for the resources you actively use. When your application experiences low activity or no incoming requests, the system automatically scales down resources to a minimal level. This means you’re no longer paying for idle capacity, resulting in cost savings.


“Scaling to zero” offers flexibility in scaling both up and down. As your application experiences traffic spikes, the system scales up resources to meet demand. Conversely, during quiet periods, resources scale down.

Focus on Innovation

Developers can concentrate on building and improving the application without constantly worrying about resource optimization. Upstash handles the scaling, allowing developers to focus on creating features that enhance user experiences.

In essence, this aligns pricing with actual utilization, increases cost efficiency, and promotes a more sustainable approach to resource consumption. This model empowers businesses to leverage cloud resources without incurring unnecessary expenses, making cloud computing more accessible and attractive to a broader range of organizations.