Upstash Redis replicates your data to user-selected regions. You can add or remove regions from a running cluster without experiencing downtime. Think of each region as a replica that maintains a copy of your data, ensuring low latency and high availability.

Designed for the Edge Functions

Edge runtimes, such as Cloudflare Workers and Vercel Edge, enhance speed by executing your code at locations closest to your users. However, if your use case involves data storage, it’s crucial to position your data store near your users to achieve optimal performance. Upstash Global tackles this need by replicating your data across multiple regions. While edge runtimes come with certain limitations, Upstash provides a HTTP-based Redis® client designed and tested to integrate seamlessly with popular edge runtimes, including Vercel, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Deno.

Read Regions Everywhere, Low Latency Anywhere

The global database is designed to minimize latency for read operations. It consists of a single primary replica and multiple read replicas. Write commands are sent to and processed by the primary replica, then replicated across all read replicas. When a client issues a read command, it retrieves the response from the nearest read replica based on the region. Conversely, all write requests are directed to the primary replica to maintain consistency.

Our tests indicate sub-millisecond latency for clients located in the same AWS region as the Redis® instance.

Read operations are processed at the the nearest replica.

Writes are processed at the primary replica.

Choose your regions

The global database requires you to choose primary and read regions:

→ Choose a primary region where your write operations will take place to ensure faster write speeds.

→ Select read regions that are closest to the majority of your user base for optimized read speeds.

Below are the supported regions:

  • AWS US-East-1 (North Virginia)

  • AWS US-West-1 (North California)

  • AWS US-West-2 (Oregon)

  • AWS EU-West-1 (Ireland)

  • AWS EU-Central-1 (Frankfurt)

  • AWS AP-Southeast-1 (Singapore)

  • AWS AP-Southeast-2 (Sydney)

  • AWS SA-East-1 (São Paulo)

Check out our blog post to learn more about. Also see our live benchmark to check the latency number from different locations.