Audit logs gives you chronological set of activity records that have affected your databases and Upstash account. You can see the list of all activities in a single page. You can access your audit logs under Account > Audit Logs in your console:

Here the Source column shows if the action has been called by console or via an API key. Entity column gives you the name of the resource that had been affected by the action. For example, when you delete a database, the name of the database will be shown here. Also you can see the IP address which performed the action.


You can track your audit logs to detect any unusual activity on account and databases. When you suspect any security breach, you should delete the API key related to suspicious activity and inform us emailing at

Retention period

After the retention period, the audit logs are deleted. The retention period for free databases is 7 days, for pay-as-you-go databases, it is 30 days, and for the Pro tier, it is one year.