The Cost Explorer pages allow you to view your current and previous months’ costs. To access the Cost Explorer, navigate to the left menu and select Account > Cost Explorer. Below is an example report:

You can select a specific month to view the cost breakdown for that period. Here’s the explanation of the fields in the report:

Request: This represents the total number of requests sent to the database.

Storage: This indicates the average size of the total storage consumed. Upstash database includes a persistence layer for data durability. For example, if you have 1 GB of data in your database throughout the entire month, this value will be 1 GB. Even if your database is empty for the first 29 days of the month and then expands to 30 GB on the last day, this value will still be 1 GB.

Cost: This field represents the total cost of your database in US Dollars.

The values for the current month is updated hourly, so values can be stale up to 1 hour.