QStash v2 is almost a complete rewrite of the existing system allowing us to scale horizontally much easier to meet the demand.

As a result of that, a few endpoints have changed and we also added new ones.

During the deprecation phase, you can use both versions but we encourage you to move to v2 as soon as possible.

To migrate to v2, all you need to do is call the new /v2 endpoints.

In the console you can toggle between versions to access your logs and messages.

Major changes

Creating schedules is its own endpoint

Instead of creating schedules through the /v2/publish endpoint, there is a dedicated /v2/schedules api now.

Dead Letter Queue

We now have a dead letter queue, where all failed messages go after they have exceeded their retries. You can then manually handle them by republishing or deleting.

Read more about DLQs here.