Upstash has three plans for customers with advanced needs. Different from pay-as-you-go plan, Pro/Enterprise plans have fixed monthly prices.

Plan LimitPro 2KPro 10KEnterprise
Max Messages Per Second2K10KCustom
Max Message Size10MB10MBCustom
Max Partitions10005000Custom
Max Retention Sizeinfiniteinfiniteinfinite
Max Retention Timeinfiniteinfiniteinfinite
Max Monthly Bandwidth50TB100TBinfinite
Monthly Price Per Cluster$320$520Contact us

All Pro/Enterprise plans have multi-replica. Even if your first cluster is single-replica, replication is enabled with the upgrade.

Pro/Enterprise plans are per cluster (not per account). You can have clusters on different plans in the same account and each is charged separately. Pro/Enterprise plans have a minimum term of 1 month, afterwards you can cancel any time.

How to Upgrade

Apply for an Pro/Enterprise plan in your cluster details page in the console. Contact if you have custom needs or questions.

Pro/Enterprise Plans Network & Storage Costs

In Pro/Enterprise plans, in addition to plan price, you will be charged for storage and network usage costs.

You can enable VPC Peering to minimize network (data transfer) cost. Contact us for details.

Storage Cost

Storage cost calculation is the same as pay-as-you-go plan which $0.25 per GB-month.

Note that the total storage is the sum of storage in all replicas. So 1MB data will total up to 3MB in a multi replica cluster.

Network Cost

Network costs (data transfer prices) are as below:

  • Data-in: $0.05 per GB in.
  • Data-out: $0.1 per GB out.

The above pricing assumes that the clients and cluster are in the same cloud provider. If not, you may be charged at a higher rate proportional to what cloud providers charge us. Contact us for details.

Pro/Enterprise Addons

The following are special features which we are provided on your request. Please email us to learn about their pricing.

IP WhitelistingYou can set the IP addresses which will have access to your database.
TLS Mutual AuthenticationmTLS ensures two-way authentication where both client and server authenticate each other at the same time in the authentication protocol.
VPC PeeringVPC Peering enables you to connect to Upstash from your own VPC using private IP. Cluster and your application can run in the same subnet which also minimizes data transfer costs.
AWS Private LinkAWS Private link helps you to access to Upstash Cluster with a private network link inside AWS infrastructure.
Encryption at restUpstash encrypts the block storage where your data is persisted and stored.
Professional SupportProfessional Support includes dedicated service desk and Slack/Discord channel with response time SLAs.

To learn more about plans and addons, please contact us