Conduktor is a quite powerful application to monitor and manage Apache Kafka clusters. You can connect and monitor your Upstash Kafka cluster using Conduktor. Conduktor has a free for development and testing.

Install Conduktor

Conduktor is a desktop application. So you need to download it first. If you are using a Mac, you can install it using brew too.

brew tap conduktor/brew
brew install conduktor

Connect Your Cluster

Once you install Conduktor and create an Upstash Kafka cluster and topic, you can connect your cluster to Conduktor. Open Conduktor and click on New Kafka Cluster button.

  • You can set any name as Cluster Name.
  • Copy Kafka endpoint from Upstash console and paste to Bootstrap Servers field.
  • In Upstash console, copy the properties from the Properties tab. Paste it to the Additional Properties field on Conduktor.

Once you connected to the cluster, now you can produce and consume to your topics using Conduktor.