FeatureFreePay as you goPro / Enterprise
Daily Command Limit10000UnlimitedUnlimited
Supported PlatformsAWS, GCPAWS, GCPAWS, GCP
SSL Encryption (TLS)
Global Replication
SecurityPassword + TLSPassword + TLSPassword + TLS
+ VPC Peering + IP Whitelisting
Audit LogsLast 7 daysLast 30 daysLast 1 year
Encryption at REST
Compliance (SOC2, ISO27001 ..)N/ALearn moreLearn more
Uptime SLA99.99%99.99%
Price (per 100K commands)Free$0.2Custom
Price (per 1GB-month storage)Free$0.25$0.25
Max Monthly UsageFreeRegional:$160
Global: $360

The above plans are per database. When you first create your account without entering credit card, your first database will be in Free tier. When you enter credit card, your database will be upgraded to pay-as-you-go automatically. You need to contact us to upgrade a database to a pro/enterprise plan.

For Global databases, the write commands are replicated to all read regions in addition to primary region. Replications (write operations) are counted as commands. For example, if you have 1 primary 1 read region, 100K writes will cost $0.4 ($0.2 x 2)

Free Tier

Upstash has a free tier with some limitations. Free tier limits 10K commands per day and total 256Mb data size . You can create one read region at maximum in the free tier. A user can create only one database in Free tier. When you enter your credit card, your database will be upgraded to the pay-as-you-go plan and limits will be removed.

You do not need to enter your credit card to use Upstash in Free Tier.

If you want to try Upstash paid and enterprise plans, we can offer Free Trials. Email us at support@upstash.com

Serverless Pricing

Pay-as-you-go pricing model is serverless. You pay for the amount of commands ( Redis commands) processed by your database. Persistence is enabled by default, the storage cost is charged separately. The data transfer is free as long as your usage is under the daily bandwidth quota.

100K commands cost 0.2 USD.

Request cost of a Database = Total command count / 100K X $0.2

Storage cost of Database (monthly) = Average Data Size (in GB) X $0.25

Total Cost = Request Cost + Storage Cost

Operational commands like AUTH, INFO, PING, QUIT, COMMAND are not charged.

Even if you do not access your data, we have to keep it persistent in Cloud Provider’s block storage (eg AWS EBS, S3) for durability. We take daily average of your data size and multiply with 0.25 at the end of the month. If you have 1 GB data in your database through the all month, you pay $0.25 monthly. If your database is empty in the first 29 days of the month and it expands to 6GB on the last day of the month; then you pay $0.05 for that month (6GB / 30day X 0.25).

If you are using your database as a cache; then it is a good practice to set a timeout (EXPIRE) for your keys to minimize the cost.

The total storage is the sum of storage in all replicas. So 1 MB data will total up to 2 MB because data is replicated to multiple instances.

Max Monthly Budget

With Pay As you go plan, you can set a maximum monthly budget for your database so that you won’t be charged beyond this chosen limit. We’ll keep you informed by sending email notifications once you reach 70% and 90% of your monthly budget. This notifications will let you either adjust your budget limit or upgrade to the Pro tier. Please note that if your usage exceeds your monthly budget cap, your database will be rate limited and your cost will not exceed your chosen budget limit.

Pay-as-you-go Plan Quotas

Pay as you go plan has limits which are introduced to ensure the fair use of resources among our users. When your database reaches the quota we do not stop your service but we will contact you and ask you to upgrade your service to an upper plan.

Quotas are not technical limits. They can be customized on your request. You can submit contact us (support@upstash.com) if you think your application needs higher limits.

Max Commands Per Second1000This is the number of commands that your database can process per second.
Max Request Size1MbThe max size of a single request/command.
Max Record Size100 MbThis is the maximum size per your entry. The entry can be String, List, Set, Hash etc.
Max Data Size Per DB10GbWhen limit is reached, if eviction is enabled, some entries will be evicted to allow new writes. Otherwise, write commands will be rejected.
Max Concurrent Connections Per DB1000When the limit is reached, your idle connections may be terminated. You will not experience any issue unless all of your connections are active. Even in that case; most Redis clients reconnect automatically. You can use REST API if you expect very high number of concurrent connections.
Max Memory Storage Per DB1GBUpstash stores entries in both memory and SSD. Once the memory size reaches its limit, entries are evicted from memory. However, when an evicted entry is accessed, it is reloaded from SSD back into memory.
Max Monthly Bandwidth200GBThe max outbound data transfer (bandwidth) limit per month.

The specified limits apply to each individual database. If you anticipate that your use case will surpass the aforementioned quotas, we recommend exploring our Pro/Enterprise Plans, which offer higher limits. You can find more information about these plans by visiting the Enterprise Plan section.

The data transfer is free up to monthly bandwidth limit. Beyond that, we charge $0.03 per GB

Custom Quotas

You can customize some quotas for your database in the pay-as-you-go plan with an extra fee. Here the pricing for them:

Max Request Size LimitExtra Price
Max Record Size LimitExtra Price (monthly)

If you need to change other limits (max commands per sec, max data size etc), check out Pro/Enterprise plans.

Pro/Enterprise Plans

Upstash has three plans for customers with advanced needs. Different from pay-as-you-go plan, Pro/Enterprise plans have fixed monthly prices.

Plan LimitPro 2KPro 10KEnterprise
Max Commands Per Second2K10KCustom
Max Request Size10MB100MBCustom
Max Record Size200MB500MBCustom
Max Memory Storage Per DB3GB10GBCustom
Max Data Size Per DB50GB100GBunlimited
Max Concurrent Connections Per DB20005000Custom
Max Monthly Bandwidth5TB10TBunlimited
Monthly Price Per DBRegional: $280
Global: $280 + ($100 x read region count)
Regional: $680
Global: $680 + ($200 x read region count)
Contact us

Pro/Enterprise plans are per database (not per account). You can have databases on different plans in the same account and each is charged separately. Pro/Enterprise plans have a minimum term of 1 month, afterwards you can cancel any time.

How to Upgrade

Apply for a Pro/Enterprise plan in your database details page in the console. Contact support@upstash.com if you have custom needs or questions.

Pro/Enterprise Plans Network & Storage Costs

In Pro/Enterprise plans, in addition to plan price, you will be charged for storage and network usage costs.

You can enable VPC Peering to minimize data transfer cost. Contact us support@upstash.com for details.

Storage Cost Storage cost calculation is the same as pay-as-you-go plan which

$0.25 per GB-month. The total cost is determined by adding up the storage at all replica and regions.

Network Cost

Network (data transfer) cost is $0.03 per GB for databases. For use cases with high volume, you may consider VPC Peering which minimizes the data transfer cost.

The above pricing assumes that the clients and database are in the same cloud provider. If not, you may be charged at a higher rate proportional to what cloud providers charge us. Contact us support@upstash.com for details.

Pro/Enterprise Addons

The following are special features which we are provided on your request with an extra fee. Please contact us to learn about their pricing.

IP WhitelistingYou can set the IP addresses which will have access to your database.
TLS Mutual AuthenticationmTLS ensures two-way authentication where both client and server authenticate each other at the same time in the authentication protocol.
VPC PeeringVPC Peering enables you to connect to Upstash from your own VPC using private IP. Database and your application can run in the same subnet which also minimizes data transfer costs.
AWS Private LinkAWS Private link helps you to access to Upstash Database with a private network link inside AWS infrastructure.
Professional SupportProfessional Support includes dedicated service desk and Slack/Discord channel with response time SLAs.

To learn more about plans and addons, please contact us support@upstash.com