DLQs are only available in v2

At times, your API may fail to process a request. This could be due to a bug in your code, a temporary issue with a third-party service, or even network issues. QStash automatically retries messages that fail due to a temporary issue but eventually stops and moves the message to a dead letter queue to be handled manually.

Read more about retries here.

How to Use the Dead Letter Queue

You can manually republish messages from the dead letter queue in the console. API access will be added soon.

  1. Redrive - Republish the message and remove it from the dead letter queue. Republished messages are just like any other message and will be retried automatically if they fail.
  2. Delete - Delete the message from the dead letter queue.


Dead letter queues are limited to a certain number of messages. If you exceed this limit, the oldest messages will be dropped. Unhandled messages are evicted after some time.

See the pricing page for more information.