Pay only for what you use with per-request pricing.




Perfect for prototypes and hobby projects.

Max Messages per Day


Max Requests per Second


Pay as you go


per 100K messages

For use cases with bursting traffic.

Max Messages per Day


Max Requests per Second




Starting from

For businesses with consistent high-capacity loads and predictable costs.

Max Messages per Day

up to 100M

Max Requests per Second



For businesses with advanced needs.

  • Guaranteed scalability and performance
  • Custom configurations
  • Advanced security options
  • Dedicated support
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Start with a hobby project, collaborate with a team, and scale to millions of users.

Max Messages per Day500
Max Requests per Second100
Max Message Size1 MB
Max Number of Topics1
Max Number of Endpoints per Topic100
Max Retry Count3
Max Delay7 days
Max HTTP Connection Timeout2 min
Max DLQ Retention3 days
Max DLQ Size (Number of Messages)1,000

The only thing you are charged for are messages whereas retries are free. Below are some message examples:

  • Publish to single API endpoint. Here you would be charged for 1 message

    1. You make a request to /v1/publish/[your-api-url]
    2. We make an HTTP request to your API and it returns a 500 status code
    3. After some time we retry to deliver the message and it succeeds
  • Schedule triggered “Every hour”; at the end of the month this would be around 24 * 30 = 720 billed messages.
  • Publishing to a topic with 2 end points (A and B) subscribed to it would be charged for 2 messages

    1. You make a request to /v1/publish/[your-api-url]
    2. We make an HTTP request to each of your endpoints.

Free Tier

The free tier includes 500 Messages per day. Afterwards we will no longer accept new requests.

Pay as you go

Upstash limits your monthly usage for QStash to daily 500,000 in pay-as-you-go plan. If you are expecting to exceed this limit, contact us for the Enterprise plan.

Pro / Enterprise Plans

In the pro/enterprise plans, we offer 3 different fixed price options to meet higher throughput demands. We reserve isolated resource to guarantee the scalability for high volumes. Below are the details and prices. There is no requirement for long-term contracts as the minimum term is just one month, and you have the flexibility to cancel anytime. But please note that even if you cancel within the month, you will be billed for the minimum term of 1 full month

PlanMax Messages per DayPrice (per month)
Pro 1M1M$180
Pro 10M10M$420