The default Kafka credential limit is set at 10.

If you require an extension beyond this limit, we kindly request that you submit a formal request to

When you create a Kafka cluster on the Upstash Console, a default user credentials is created automatically. Default user credentials has full access rights to the Kafka cluster, which can produce to & consume from any topic.

You can create additional credentials which can have limited access to topics. Credentials can be limited to produce-only or consume-only and also for a certain topic or a topic prefix. When a topic prefix is used, a user will have access to any topic whose name starts with the prefix. Newly created credentials can be used with both Kafka clients and Upstash REST API similar to the default credentials.

To create new credentials, switch to Credentials tab in the cluster details page, and click the ”New Credentials” button.

There are three inputs in the New Credentials view:

  • Name: Name of the credentials. This name is shown on the Console only to identify the credentials.
  • Topic: A specific topic name or a topic prefix. This can be a literal topic name (such as, product-orders), or a topic prefix (such as users.*, products-*). Wildcard character * can only be used at the end of the topic name. * means any topic.
  • Permissions: Access permissions for the credentials. It has three options: Full Access, Produce Only and Consume Only.

You can see all existing credentials, copy username & password by clicking ”+” button and delete a credentials inside the “Credentials” tab.

Additionally you can change the credentials shown on the console and used in the code snippets by clicking “Credentials” box at the top right on the Console and selecting one of the credentials.