The info method provides statistical information about the index, returning the following fields:

  • vector_count: The total number of vectors in the index.
  • pending_vector_count: The number of vectors that are currently pending (not yet fully processed).
  • index_size: The size of the index in bytes.
  • dimension: How many dimensions the index has
  • similarity_function: Similarity function chosen for the index

Info Example

from upstash_vector import Index

index = Index.from_env()

# Get statistical information about the index
info_result =

# Display the info result
print("Vector Count:", info_result.vector_count)
print("Pending Vector Count:", info_result.pending_vector_count)
print("Index Size:", info_result.index_size)
print("Dimension:", info_result.dimension)
print("Similarity Function:", info_result.similarity_function)