The fetch method allows you to retrieve vectors from the index based on their identifiers. It takes the following input parameters:

  • ids: A string or a list of strings representing the identifiers of the vectors to be fetched.
  • include_vectors: A boolean flag indicating whether to include vectors in the fetch results.
  • include_metadata: A boolean flag indicating whether to include metadata in the fetch results.

As a response, following field is returned:

  • vectors: A list containing information for each fetched vector, including id, vector, and metadata.

Fetch Example

from upstash_vector import Index

index = Index.from_env()

# Specify the identifiers of vectors to be fetched
ids_to_fetch = ["id1", "id2", "id3"]

# Fetch the specified vectors with vectors and metadata included
fetch_result = index.fetch(ids=ids_to_fetch, include_vectors=True, include_metadata=True)

# Display the fetched vectors
for vector_info in fetch_result.vectors:
    print("Vector:", vector_info.vector)
    print("Metadata:", vector_info.metadata)

Alternatively, you can fetch a singular vector: