Upstash has native integration with DigitalOcean Add-On Marketplace.

This quickstart shows how to create an Upstash for Redis® Database from DigitalOcean Add-On Marketplace.

Database Setup

Creating Upstash for Redis Database requires a DigitalOcean account.

Login or Sign-up for DigitalOcean account. Then navigate the Upstash Redis Marketplace page.

Click Add Upstash Redis button. Now setup page will open and it will ask Database Name / Plan / Region info.

After selecting Name, Plan and Region, click Add Upstash Redis button.

Connecting to Database - SSO

After creating database, Overview/Details page will be opened.

Environment variables can be shown in that page.

While creating a Droplet, Upstash Addon can be selected and environment variables are automatically injected to Droplet.

These Steps can be followed: Create --> Droplets --> Marketplace Add-Ons then select the previously created Upstash Redis Addon.

Upstash also support Single Sign-On from DigitalOcean to Upstash Console.

So databases created from DigitalOcean can benefit from Upstash Console features.

In order to access Upstash Console from DigitalOcean just click Dashboard link when you create the Upstash addon.