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Roadmap Application with Next.js, Redis and Auth0

Noah FischerNoah FischerDevRel @Upstash

We have been developing example applications to showcase how easy and practical to develop serverless applications with Redis. So far, the most popular of those examples is the Roadmap Voting Application. As we started to use it in real life, there were two main problems:

  • We started to see spam entries. The application does not have an admin dashboard, so one had to connect to Redis to delete an entry.
  • We released some features in the list but there was no way to flag them as released and remove from voting list.

To solve both, we decided to add authentication. Thanks to authentication:

  • Users should sign in to add new feature requests.
  • We can set ourselves as admin, so we can remove or release the feature requests.

We have added Auth0 authentication module with single sign on options. Here the new Upstash Roadmap Voting App

If you scroll to the bottom, you will see the feature requests which are already released.

Deploy Yourself

You can easily create and deploy Roadmap Voting App for your project. Follow the steps in the repo. You won't need to write any code, but you have to update the environment variables to configure Redis and Auth0.

If you prefer the simpler version without Auth0, check our examples repo for the older version.