You can use Upstash terraform provider to create your resources. API key is required in order to create resources.

Configure Provider

Provider requires your email address and api key which can be created in console.

provider "upstash" {
  email = ""
  api_key = ""

Create Database

As input you need to give database name, region and type.

resource "upstash_database" "mydb" {
  database_name = "testdblstr"
  region = "eu-west-1"
  type = "free"

You can output database credentials as following

output "endpoint" {
  value = "${upstash_database.mydb.endpoint}"

output "port" {
  value = "${upstash_database.mydb.port}"
output "password" {
  value = "${upstash_database.mydb.password}"

See our Terraform Provider Github Repository for details and examples about Upstash Terraform Provider.

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