Pipelining commands allows you to send a single http request with multiple commands. Keep in mind, that the execution of pipelines is not atomic and the execution of other commands can interleave.

import { Redis } from "@upstash/redis";

const redis = new Redis({
  /* auth */

const p = redis.pipeline();

// Now you can chain multiple commands to create your pipeline:

p.set("key", 2);

// or inline:
p.hset("key2", "field", { hello: "world" }).hvals("key2");

// Execute the pipeline once you are done building it:
// `exec` returns an array where each element represents the response of a command in the pipeline.
// You can optionally provide a type like this to get a typed response.
const res = await p.exec<[Type1, Type2, Type3]>();

For more information about pipelines using REST see here.