The Upstash Terraform Provider lets you manage Upstash Redis and Kafka resources programmatically.

You can find the Github Repository for the Terraform Provider here.


terraform {
  required_providers {
    upstash = {
      source = "upstash/upstash"
      version = "x.x.x"

provider "upstash" {
  email    =
  api_key  = var.api_key

email is your registered email in Upstash.

api_key can be generated from Upstash Console. For more information please check our docs.

Create Database Using Terraform

Here example code snippet that creates database:

resource "upstash_redis_database" "redis" {
  database_name = "db-name"
  region        = "eu-west-1"
  tls           = "true"
  multi_zone    = "false"

Import Resources From Outside of Terraform

To import resources created outside of the terraform provider, simply create the resource in .tf file as follows:

resource "upstash_redis_database" "redis" {}

after this, you can run the command:

terraform import upstash_redis_database.redis <db-id>

Above example is given for an Upstash Redis database. You can import all of the resources by changing the resource type and providing the resource id.

You can check full spec and doc from here.

Support, Bugs Reports, Feature Requests

If you need support then you can ask your questions Upstash Team in chat widget.

There is also discord channel available for community. Please check here for more information.