AKHQ is a GUI for monitoring & managing Apache Kafka topics, topics data, consumers group etc. You can connect and monitor your Upstash Kafka cluster using AKHQ.

To be able to use AKHQ, first you should create a yaml configuration file:

        bootstrap.servers: "tops-stingray-7863-eu1-rest-kafka.upstash.io:9092"
        sasl.mechanism: SCRAM-SHA-512
        security.protocol: SASL_SSL
        sasl.jaas.config: org.apache.kafka.common.security.scram.ScramLoginModule required username="ZmlycG9iZXJtYW4ZHtSXVwmyJQ" password="J6ocnQfe25vUsI8AX-XxA==";

You should replace bootstrap.servers and sasl.jaas.config attributes with your cluster endpoint and credentials.

You can start AKHQ application directly using jar file. First download the latest release from releases page. Then launch the application using following command:

java -Dmicronaut.config.files=application.yml -jar akhq.jar

Alternatively you can start using Docker:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v ~/akhq/application.yml:/app/application.yml tchiotludo/akhq

After launching the AKHQ app, just go to http://localhost:8080 to access UI.

For more information see AKHQ documentation.

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