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Introducing Redis 6 Compatibility

Mehmet DoganMehmet DoganCTO @Upstash

Since our initial release last year, Upstash was compatible with Redis® API up to version 5. Our Redis offering was lacking commands such as GETDEL, LMOVE, COPY and features such as ACL which were introduced in Redis 6 (and 6.2).

Happy to announce that Upstash Redis databases are now compatible with Redis commands up to version 6.2.

ACL Feature

With the new release, Upstash provides an always persistent ACL implementation. All ACL subcommands available in Redis 6.2 are supported by Upstash. Note that ACL LOAD and ACL SAVE commands are no-op since every ACL update is persisted & replicated to all replicas immediately before ACL command returns the response.

Additionally Upstash provides a new ACL subcommand, named ACL RESTTOKEN to generate REST API tokens for the users created via ACL SETUSER:

ACL RESTTOKEN <username> <password>
    Generate a REST token for the specified username & password.
    Token will have the same permissions with the user.

You can execute ACL RESTTOKEN command via redis-cli or CLI on the Upstash console::

redis-cli> ACL RESTTOKEN default 35fedg8xyu907d84af29222ert
redis-cli> ACL RESTTOKEN default 35fedg8xyu907d84af29222ert

New Redis 6 Commands

Following is the list of new commands added with Redis 6 release, you can find the command details at the official Redis documentation:

Updated Redis Commands

  • AUTH: Auth command now supports ACL username parameter.
  • BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH: Timeout parameter is interpreted as a double instead of an integer.
  • BZPOPMAX, BZPOPMIN: Timeout parameter is interpreted as a double instead of an integer.
  • LPOP, RPOP: New count parameter added.
  • SCAN: Scan command now supports TYPE parameter.
  • SET: Set command now supports KEEPTTL, GET, EXAT and PXAT options.
  • ZADD: Zadd command now supprts GT and LT parameters.
  • ZRANGE: Zrange command now suppirts BYSCORE, BYLEX, REV and LIMIT parameters.

We have already started to work on changes coming in Redis 7 release. Stay tuned and follow us at on Twitter and Discord.