Use Case:
Data Storage

Using AWS CDK with Redis


This project contains source code and supporting files for a serverless application that you can deploy with the AWS Cloud Develoment Kit. It includes the following files and folders.

  • hello-world - Code for the application's Lambda function.
  • events - Invocation events that you can use to invoke the function.
  • hello-world/tests - Unit tests for the application code.
  • bin - Infrastructure as Code for this application

The application uses several AWS resources, including Lambda functions and an API Gateway API. These resources are defined in the template.yaml file in this project. You can update the template to add AWS resources through the same deployment process that updates your application code.

Deploy the sample application

The application is the same Hello World application created by SAM witth some adjustments to play a little more with the endpoint

You need the following tools.

First, you'll need to enter the hello-world folder and install all dependencies in your machine.

cd hello-world
npm install # you could just use npm i as well

After is done, we will move to the bin folder, where lives our TypeScript code and also install the dependencies:

cd ../bin
npm i

Once is done, you can build and deploy your application for the first time, run the following in your shell (remember it must be inside the bin folder):

cdk deploy

With this our application will start provisioning your infrastructure and deploy your code.

Do you wish to deploy these changes (y/n)? y

You will need to approve the chances, once is done, at the end you'll get the url for your API:

upstashApi.Endpoint = https://<some-random-id>

Which you'll could access in your browser on the specific path defined hello:

  "message": "Hello World!"

And you could play with a parameter on the URL to get new responses:



To delete the sample application that you created, use following:

cdk destroy

Learn More

To learn more about Upstash and its services, check out the following resources: