NiftyKit empowers creators, artists, brands, and businesses to unlock new economic opportunities and build community through NFTs. NiftyKit is a no-code NFT launchpad that allows people to easily create, manage, and sell NFTs on their own custom smart contracts. They provide true ownership of smart contracts and NFTs through easy-to-use, accessible, and affordable tools.

After Several Trials with Other Vendors, NiftyKit Chose Upstash

NiftyKit tech stack is based on Next.js / Vercel / Prisma (ORM) / Supabase (Postgres) / Upstash (Redis). Before Upstash they tried Heroku Redis and Redis Labs, but they didn’t meet NiftyKit’s needs.

Upstash bulletproof performance with almost zero issues

When Heroku Redis experienced multiple downtimes, resulting in data loss and unresponsive support, they decided to explore Upstash. Upstash's service performance proved to be bulletproof, with almost zero issues, and the Upstash support team has always been there when they needed help. Redis plays a critical role in NiftyKit’s infrastructure, and Upstash takes pride in delivering high performance for this essential component.

Terence Pae

Upstash service has been bulletproof, with almost zero issues, and their support team is some of the most incredible people. They helped us troubleshoot issues down to the code level

Terence Pae, CTO, Cofounder