Dub is an open-source link management tool tailored for the evolving needs of modern marketing teams to create share and track short links. Launched just in September 2022, it has an impressive track record with 755 custom domains, 20K short links, 3.5M link redirects, and an overwhelming support of 8K stars on GitHub.

Dub's Technical Stack: Prioritizing Speed and Efficiency with Upstash

  1. Frontend: Next.js, Typescript
  2. CSS: Tailwind, Radix UI
  3. Auth: NextAuth.js
  4. Deployments & CI/CD: Vercel
  5. Database(s):
  • Upstash Redis for lightning fast link retrieval
  • Planetscale for relational SQL storage
  • Tinybird for time-series analytics data
  • Cron jobs: Upstash QStash
  • Payments: Stripe

In this stack, Dub's performance is accelerated further with its strategic database selections: Upstash Redis ensures very fast link retrievals (via key-value pairs): https://github.com/dubinc/dub/blob/main/apps/web/lib/upstash.ts. On the automation front, Upstash QStash plays the key role managing cron jobs efficiently https://github.com/dubinc/dub/blob/main/apps/web/app/api/cron/import/short/utils.ts#L164.

The Upstash Advantage

Right from the start, Dub has chosen Upstash. According to Dub, two key factors make Upstash stand out: Exceptional Developer Experience (DX) and high-speed performance.

Steven Tey

The Upstash JS SDK is incredibly easy to use – all I needed to do was run npm install, initialize the Redis instance, and start running redis commands – super simple! As for performance – our links have sub 200ms redirect times, thanks to Upstash!

Steven Tey, Founder