for Cloudflare Workers

Serverless Redis® and Kafka with per request pricing.

Global Replication together with REST API makes Upstash a perfect database for Cloudflare Workers.

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Serverless Data for Cloudflare Workers

Globally Fast

Upstash replicates data worldwide for global low latency.


Access your Redis® from edge functions with the Upstash REST API.

Redis® and Kafka®

Serverless Redis® and Kafka with per request pricing.

Global Store for Edge Functions

Add Redis® to your Cloudflare Workers function in seconds

Using REST Client
2addEventListener("fetch", event => {
3  event.respondWith(handleRequest(event.request))
6async function handleRequest(request) {
7let res = await fetch("\?_token\=AXpWASQgN2QxMWRlYzdfgjdmNWM1MmE1ZDE3NTMwMzYzYjAzYWI=")
8text = await res.text()
9return new Response("view count:" +JSON.parse(text).result)

Community Resources

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Using Upstash Redis® and
Edge Functions

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