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Announcing Upstash Terraform Provider with Kafka Support

Burak YılmazBurak YılmazSite Reliability Engineer @Upstash

It has been some time since we released our very first version of the Upstash Terraform Provider, which helped developers automate their Redis database management. Since then, we have worked on and advanced our products, even adding new ones to our arsenal.

Now, our provider v1.0.0 is publicly available in the terraform marketplace.

What is New in Terraform Provider V1.0.0?

Since we announced our very first version of Terraform Provider, a lot has improved!

In this new version of the provider, we have expanded the capabilities of our provider with the new functionalities of the newly announced v2 api and the team functionalities that were not implemented in the previous version of the Terraform Provider.

As a result, creating the infrastructure of your applications has become automated and much more robust.

Here is What's New:

  • Kafka Topic Creation and Management
  • Kafka Cluster Creation and Management
  • Team Creation and Management


If you want to use the plugin, just configure your provider as such:

terraform {
  required_providers {
    upstash = {
      source = "upstash/upstash"
      version = "1.0.0"
provider "upstash" {
  email = "EMAIL"
  api_key  = "API_KEY"

:::note You can get an API_KEY from the Upstash Console. Also, EMAIL is the email you registered with Upstash. :::

Creating Resources

Upstash Redis Database

resource "upstash_redis_database" "exampleDB" {
  database_name = "TerraformDB"
  region = "eu-west-1"
  tls = false
  multizone = false

Upstash Kafka Cluster

resource "upstash_kafka_cluster" "exampleCluster" {
  cluster_name = "TerraformCluster"
  region = "eu-west-1"
  multizone = false
resource "upstash_kafka_topic" "exampleKafkaTopic" {
  topic_name = "TerraformTopic"
  partitions = 1
  retention_time = 625135
  retention_size = 725124
  max_message_size = 829213
  cleanup_policy = "delete"
  cluster_id = resource.upstash_kafka_cluster.exampleKafkaCluster.cluster_id

For the detailed explanation of the parameters, their behaviors and how they should be used, please visit: https://registry.terraform.io/providers/upstash/upstash/latest/docs

Future Work

We want to become a more SRE/Cloud-friendly product; that's why we are giving high priority to different integration and automation tools. We will keep on creating and advancing our tools to stay up-to-date with the services we provide each coming day. Also, new integrations are on the way!

Closing Words

We are trying our best to provide a more robust and intuitive experience for developers using our services. In that regard, we would highly appreciate it if you could give us feedback on our Terraform provider at Twitter or Discord.