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Announcing Serverless Kafka Connectors

Sancar KoyunluSancar KoyunluSenior Software Engineer @Upstash

Here at Upstash, we provide Serverless Kafka with a per usage pricing which is loved and used extensively. There was a main ingredient missing from this until now, which is Kafka Connectors.

What is Kafka Connect ?

One of the main usecases of Kafka is to use it as a bridge between different systems so that these services are decoupled from each other.

You can collect your data from different databases to Kafka to be used later from various decoupled applications for your needs. Also you may need to store what is in your Kafka topics to a well known database/datalake for analytical queries.

Kafka Connect is here so that you don't need to implement a single line of code to Connect external systems to Kafka.

There is still a problem tough. You need to set up and manage connectors yourself. As we always do, we don't want our users to manage a server or a process. And again, we are here to get that burden of your shoulders.

To help you, we are proudly announcing managed, low latency and free Upstash Kafka Connectors.

With Upstash Serverless Kafka Connectors,

  • You don't need to worry about the health/scale of your Kafka Connectors. It is 24/7 managed by our team for you.
  • Your Kafka Connectors are right besides your Kafka Cluster so that you benefit them with low latency.
  • And unlike the Managed Kafka Connect Providers, it is free. You only pay for per message activity on your Kafka topics. There is no additional cost for using Upstash Kafka Connectors.

We will be starting with following connectors:

We are planning to add more and more connectors. If you need a missing connector or have some feedback, please contact us at support@upstash.com, Twitter or Discord.